Building physics consultants

Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, RotterdamClimatic Design Consult is the building physics consultant and has designed the ventilation and conditioning concept for the transformation of the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam.


voorgevel nieuwe kerk zierikzeeThe historic New Chruch, "Nieuwe Kerk", in Zierikzee  is restored. A lot of wooden beams and rafters in the roof were detoriated. The Foundation for old churches in Zeeland (Stichting Oude Zeeuwse Kerken) asked Climatic Deisgn Consult to analyse in retrospective humidity conditions which caused the rotting. The Governmental Agency for Cultural Heritage (RCE) how to prevent fungus to grow and cause dry rot.

kerk VlaardingenWalraad architects commisioned CDC to design adaptation of the heating of Grote Kerk in Vlaardingen. The reduction of the temperature level of the floor heating system, with suppletion of radiant panels that are operated only in case of low temperatures,
- reduces energy consumption at
- an higher comfort level and
- stabilized humidity conditions.

hufgebouw2Wessel de Jonge, architects BNA bv designed the revitalisation of the upper floors of the Huf building in Rotterdam that weren't used for 15 years. Provast was the commisioner.

Veenhuizen PlichtbesefThe former prison hospital in Veenhuizen, the quarantaine building and official residences included, all of them national listed buidlings, are restored according to the design of architect ir. Jan van den Burg.

onRenovation of the main office of the former Oranje Nassaumine for re-use for NITG-TNO 1997. The building is a recent monument, designed by Roosenburg in 1932. The restoration architect has restored where possible the facades, the characteristics and the interior of the building.

catharijneconventFor the renovation of Museum Catharijne Convent in Utrecht, designed by Bierman Henket architects, Climatic Design Consult assessed solar loads, daylight use and control of lighting loads, acoustical and moisture aspects.

vermeer1The former Vermeerschool, Vermeerlaan in Hilversum, accommodates sixteen new apartments. The characteristic building fomr 1921 will be changed drastically, but maintains its historic look.

TimmerfabriekThe carpentry factory of the largest shipyard of Vlissingen was fit for its function: excellent modelling quality of the daylight serves ihgh level carpentry work. BOEi ordered Climatic Design Consult to maintain these qualities in designing a conditioning concept and assessing building physics.

bron foto: ZeelandNet


Raadhuis, ZwijndrechtThe architects office Granpré Molière, Verhagen and Kok designed the Town Hall of Zwijndrecht, build in 1933. Engineer P. Verhagen was project designer. The municipality of Zwijndrecht ordered HVE-architecten, Den Haag, to design restoration and renovation for this Town Hall that is an important work of the original architect and therefore a listed building.

maas1The clubhouse of the Royal Maas Yacht Club is situated at the border of the Maas in the centre of Rotterdam near Erasmusbridge, looking to the new business district Kop van Zuid. Architect Wessel de Jonge designed the restoration of the large room. The large room contains beautifull newly hand painted details.

The historic airport building of the former airport Welschap has got a new function.
It has become an information centre for a new residential area. After realisation of the area the building will get another public function. The buidling, a design of Dirk Roosenburg, is monument, a listed buidling. The building is possibly originally restored with some adjustments to accommodate the new use.

commissioner: municipality of Eindhoven
architect: Jan van den Burg, Eindhoven
services consultant: Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Eindhoven
structural engineer: Van der Laar Physicon, Eindhoven
contribution Climatic Design Consult: building physics  and conditioning concept