Building physics consultants

onRenovation of the main office of the former Oranje Nassaumine for re-use for NITG-TNO 1997. The building is a recent monument, designed by Roosenburg in 1932. The restoration architect has restored where possible the facades, the characteristics and the interior of the building.

architect: Prof. ir. J. Coenen, Maastricht
contribution CDC: building physics, acoustics and conditioning concept

With building physics as starting point CDC has contributed to the architectonic designb of the restoration. The boundary conditions for comfort, energy consumption and noise load related to the aim to maintain the single glass was decisive for the adaptive re-use: the choice for a governemental agency, the governmental geologic agency, with a lot of storage of stones that was realised in a bufferzone at the noise impacted facade. Thermal comfort at the single glass facades could, because of the limited number of workstations, be locally realised by 'comfortscreens' per workstation. The heat loss through the single glass facade with uninsulated steel frames, was compensated by heat generation with and absoprtion heat pump  using surplus heat from the neighbouring building.  The feasibility of the use of heat from the water in the former mini shafts was analysed, but due to the assessed risqs a permit do do so wasn't granted in that time. Nowadays this geothermal is used for district heating.

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After the leave of NITG-TNO, the successor of the governmental geological agency, from Heerlen the governement decided in 1999 to use the Orannje Nassau building for the Central Input unit of the Taxagency. The processing of vast amounts of paper requires stable relative humidity, causing the necessity of humidification in winter season.  The vast amount of processing machines and computers requires a lot of cooling. These requirements conflict with historic facades with single glass in uninsulated steel frames. Therefore a concept with a secundary facade at about 1m from the original facade is introduced.