Building physics consultants

hufgebouw2Wessel de Jonge, architects BNA bv designed the revitalisation of the upper floors of the Huf building in Rotterdam that weren't used for 15 years. Provast was the commisioner.

The in 1953 opened building for shoe shop "Huf" was designed by Van de Broek en Bakema, the successors of Brinkman and Van de Vlugt, in a tradition tradition of that office to desing "open and transparent" buildings in the postwar town centre of Rotterdam.
Wessel de Jonge architects answered the question: What, if Van den Broek and Bakema would have to design an acceptable interior climate with facades consisting for 100% of glass ?
The answer were archive drawings of Van den Broek and Bakema with shading at the outside. The existing frames were provided with holes to fix the shading. The shading however didn't survive budget cuts.

commisioner: Provast
renovation/restoration architect: Wessel de Jonge architecten bna bv
services consultant: Ingenieursbureau Linssen, Amsterdam
building physics: Climatic Design Consult

The Huf building was assigned as a national listed building in 2010.