Building physics consultants
maas1The clubhouse of the Royal Maas Yacht Club is situated at the border of the Maas in the centre of Rotterdam near Erasmusbridge, looking to the new business district Kop van Zuid. Architect Wessel de Jonge designed the restoration of the large room. The large room contains beautifull newly hand painted details.

The original architects Hooijkaas and (Michiel) Brinkman designed a club house for the Row and Yacht club "de Maas", that has been openend in 1909. In that time the architect himself designed the ventilation system. The provision for pressure equalization in the roof between the both chimneys has disappeared over time, but both at the exterior and at the attic a number of ventilation elements and parts of the original (woorden) ducts can be observed. Climatic Design Consult provided advice about acoustics, noise emission and the conditioning concept: heating and ventilation. The large room got back its original double barrel vault. The restoration of the large room was finished in Februari 2010.