Building physics consultants

TimmerfabriekThe carpentry factory of the largest shipyard of Vlissingen was fit for its function: excellent modelling quality of the daylight serves ihgh level carpentry work. BOEi ordered Climatic Design Consult to maintain these qualities in designing a conditioning concept and assessing building physics.

bron foto: ZeelandNet

The carpentry factory of the shipyard "De Schelde" is developed by the Hollandsche Beton Maatschappij (HBM, Dutch Concrete Society). The HBM applied a concrete skeleton, (uninsulated) steel frames in large and high facades and in a rooflight. By the directionality of the entering light, light from above from the rooflight and light from aside through the facades, this excellent modelling quality was realised, creating primordial conditions for good carpentry.
The building is a listed building (national monument) because it represents an utilitarian building from the early twenties of the last century for the shipbuilding industry.
Although a completely new use was designed, a local broadcasting station, including all provisions for conditioning, noise insulation, e.o., this plan was cancelled.
In absence of a new user the works were restricted to restoration of the original constructions.