Building physics consultants

IMG_1257The expansion for the Arts College in Arnhem, has been realized under the ground next to the recently renovated building by architect Rietveld. The view of the Rietveld building remains intact.

The Dutch embassy in Bangkok consists of a new chancellery and an existing residence. The starting point was that even in a tropical climate, comfort requirements that are customary in the Netherlands must be met.


The new Vathorst housing estate is rising north of Amersfort. In the new district comes a building with clustered facilities such as:
  • elementary schools;
  • after-school care;
  • daycare;
  • gymroom;
  • school houses.

gevel dagCommissioned by the municipality of The Hague, Rocha Tombal architects designed a new primary school at the Aletrino square.
CDC advised architect Michel Tombal on:
- energy performance;
- ventilation;
- daylight;
- fire safety.

DADA gereed1The biomedical consultancy DADA, specialized in registration of medicines in Europe, was looking for new housing through growth. Architect Wim Kol has designed a new office for this purpose in the form of two mirrored circle segments.

BoymansThe original prints depot and restoration atelier was located in the basement under groundwater level. The risk of water damage had to be reduced by a new above-ground prints depot. Molenaar & Van Winden Walraad architects designed the shift of some functions within the existing museum.

Sonnavillecommissioner: Unitt BV
Architect: Molenaar & Co achitecten

Three new residential blocks have been designed for the location in Hees. One block was realized in 2011. This block consists of luxury apartments with a parking garage. A lot of glass has been used in the building. Overheating in the summer is prevented by means of overhangs and sun protection. In this way, installations could remain simple and effective. CDC advised for the installation and building physiscs.


achterzijde van opzij Fundatie
The expansion of "De Fundatie" in Zwolle is a design by Bierman Henket architects: a futuristic egg, which with its reflective ceramic tiles goes up in the color of the sky, on a classicist building. Climatic Design Consult was the building physics consultant. CDC provided advise on control of the daylight - and solar loads, fire safety, humidity control in constructions and acoustics.

Miet AirBart Stok commissioned Nexit architects to design workshops, atelier houses for artists in residence, a green house atelier and a managers home at a former mini-camp in Beers.The morphology refers to typical open farm barns and a greenhouse. The studio rooms have an overgrown flat roof, the location is enriched by a (swimming) pond.

cygnus gevel The Cygnus Gymnasium uses the special school building along the Wibautstraat. The design of J.B. Ingwersen is strongly inspired by the Unité d’Habitation of Le Corbusier. The building has been renovated according to the design by Wessel de Jonge architecten.

NEM Energy is building a new head office. MVSA Architetc designed the modern building along the A4 at Zouterwoude.

20140424 104726 Blauwmutsenpad

CDC advised on sustainability and acoustics. All floors are equipped with contemporary flexible work forms in a mix of open-plan offices, meeting rooms and concentration areas. There are advanced videoconferencing rooms for international consultation.

broederhuis voorgevel

The former “Broederhuis” at the Postjesweg in Amsterdam, has been converted into homes and catering. The building has had several functions in recent years. There are now 32 apartments in the U-shaped building: thirty starter studios and two spacious apartments. In the front block on the ground floor, is the catering located.

Broederhuis entree horeca

Commissioner: Archangel Bouw Amsterdam
Architect: Villanova Architecten, Rotterdam
CDC: building physics, acoustics and fire safety
Wessel de Jonge architectes designed the redevelopment of the former orphanage at the IJsbaanpad in Amsterdam into a multi-tenant office. CDC supported the design team with building physics and provided a building services concept for heating and cooling.

BWH gevelfragment

figuur blokskensCV de Zonnige Kempen has invited teams for a competition for the renovation of a monument for social housing "De Blokskens" in Zandhoven. The terms of reference asked also for nine new social dwellings.

Happel Cornelisse Architects was the winner and developed the plans up to execution .

figure: Happel Cornelisse Architects

kantonThe governmental building agency developed a new cantonal court in Bergen op Zoom for the ministry for Justice. Key notions for the building were sustainability and modest architecture. Distribution of heat and cold via embedded water based surface heating and cooling. The heat pump operation is supported by heat and cold storage in the ground.

marnix1Mecanoo designed at the location of the former "Marnix" swimming pool a new sportscentr with new swimmingpool, sports hall, fitness accomodation and offices.

ceramiqBeside the standard building physics consultation Climatic Design Consult designed an unic system for natural ventilation for this building. The solar chimneys are able to provide natural extraction of ventilation air during a large fraction of the time.