Building physics consultants
Veenhuizen PlichtbesefThe former prison hospital in Veenhuizen, the quarantaine building and official residences included, all of them national listed buidlings, are restored according to the design of architect ir. Jan van den Burg.

After the design of the adaptive re-use of the former prison as a prisonmuseum also the hospital complex was renovated. The official residences Plichtgevoel, Bitter and "Zoet en Toewijding", were together with the former kitchen building resdestined to a hotel. Therefore a restaurant was added that connected the different building volumes. The former quarantaine building houses a specialized spinal clinic. Therefore an operation theatre has been build in that, as far as hygrothermal conditions is concerned, is kept fully separated from the historic facades. Photo's beneath show the starting conditions for humidity of the brickwork.

CDC advised hygrothermal and acoustical aspects especially for the renovated and adapted parts of the buildings.

Veenhuizen achterzijde horpitaal
Veenhuizen uitbreiding restaurant