Building physics consultants

Ons_Gebouw_5 Ons Gebouw is located on Havenstraat opposite the Oude Haven in Hilversum. Our Building has been renovated by Molenaar & Van Winden architects and opened in September with homes for clients of Sherpa in the project "geWoon op jezelf".


Ons gebouw, built as a union building for the union and designed by J. van Laren, has a long tradition of various uses such as cinema, childcare, radio studio and more. The building is completely stripped on the inside. New floors have been added. CDC advised on building physics and the installation concept.


Every home, suitable for just one resident, is different. For the replaced steel fronts, new slender metal fronts have returned that meet modern technical requirements. Excellent thermal insulating glass has been used. Due to the noise pollution caused by road traffic on Havenstraat, sound-insulating glass was used at the front. Sound-damped ventilation facilities have also been installed in the apartments.
Some special steel facades, such as parabolic ones, have been retained. The old stained glass has been restored and brought back in double glazing.

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A "separate wet box" has been made in most homes. All kitchen facilities are located in that box and the sanitary facilities are housed. The space above the box can be used as a place to sleep.
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