Building physics consultants

The new Vathorst housing estate is rising north of Amersfort. In the new district comes a building with clustered facilities such as:
  • elementary schools;
  • after-school care;
  • daycare;
  • gymroom;
  • school houses.

Commissioned by the municipality of Amersfoort, CDC gave various building physics advice at an urban level and building level such as:
  • wind nuisance playgrounds and underpasses;
  • acoustics outdoor space playgrounds;
  • flashover;
  • sound insulation.

architect: Frencken Scholl, projectarchitect: Huub Frencken
projectmanagement: NV SRO, Amersfoort
construction: ABT, Delft
installations: Valstar Simonis, Apeldoorn
building physics: Climatic Design Consult Amsterdam