Building physics consultants
The Dutch embassy in Bangkok consists of a new chancellery and an existing residence. The starting point was that even in a tropical climate, comfort requirements that are customary in the Netherlands must be met.

architect and maincontractor of the Dutch designteam: Hubert-Jan Henket architecten bna
structural engineer: ABT consulting engineers, Arnhem
consultant conditioning and services: Huisman & Van Muijen, 's Hertogenbosch
building physics: Climatic Design Consult
landscaping: Michael van Gessel

bangkok2A Thai team consisting of MAA consultants, A49, L49 and DSDI will elaborate the design and supervise construction. For restauration of the residence Dearborn Street Design International will document the present and historical state and supervise restaurationworks. The residence will be restored and will be extended with new guest rooms. The chancellery will be housed in a new building designed byHubert-Jan Henket. Though a rather transparant design thermal comfort is strived for at limited energy use. To limit direct insolation the building has got a large canopy with a large projection. Landscape design offers at most places sunshading with the most moderate surfacetemperatures: trees. Beside most offices will be provided with large external louvres as well as a back up for openings between trees. These louvres contribute also to luminance control.

Place and size of external louvres are partly based on daylight simulations.