Building physics consultants

IMG_1257The expansion for the Arts College in Arnhem, has been realized under the ground next to the recently renovated building by architect Rietveld. The view of the Rietveld building remains intact.

Winner of the dutch Schreuderprize for underground buildings.

commissioner: ArtEZ
architect: Hubert-Jan Henket architects bna
consultant structural engineering: ABT consulting engineers, Arnhem
consultant conditioning and services: Deerns consulting engineers, Eindhoven
consultant building physics and conditioning concept: Climatic Design Consult

hka2The new onderground building is connected to the recently renovated schoolbuilding of architect Rietveld.
Architect Hubert-Jan Henket decided to build the new building under the ground to keep the view of the Rietveld building intact.



Due to the limited daylight access several analyses of day lighting and artificial lighting are executed. Because of solar loads sun shading has been designed but views to the outside have been left open. For a characteristic day the hour by hour course of entering sun has been simulated. This animation can be seen in simulations. (The large file takes some time to load. Depending on your connection speed.)




Underground buildings have specific questions to be answered. To make use of the thermal mass of the ground insulation has been limited whereas building regulations prescribe Rc = 2,5 m2K/W. 3D-calculations (static) of heat losses demonstrated equivalence with building regulations.